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Brandy Alexanderabout 1 year ago

What are the AAP guidelines for the management of infants born to mothers with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

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about 1 year ago

AAP Guidelines for Infants Born to Mothers with COVID-19 • For attending staff; everyone must follow the prevention protocol i.e. PPE, eye protection, N95 mask • Temporary separation; the newborn must be separated from the mother till her recovery. If the healthcare center can’t provide a separate room for unaffected infants or the mother denies separation, keep six feet distance between them. A curtain in between will minimize the risk of infection. • Breast feeding; no clinical evidence proves transmission of virus through breast milk therefore an infected mother can breastfeed the infant with proper breast and hand hygiene. • NICU; upon need to intensive care infant must be admitted into a single-patient room with negative room pressure. If the healthcare center can’t provide single-patient room then it is necessary to ensure 6 feet distance between the COVID-19 exposed newborns in a single ward/room. • COVID-19 Tests; after birth bathe the newborn to remove virus on skin. Conduct COVID-19 diagnostic test at age of 24 hours. Repeat the test at 48 hours. • Hospital discharge; discharge the mother and infant based on center’s normal criteria.

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