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Haneea Yasir
Haneea Yasirover 1 year ago
Circle of Willis

Circle of Willis

The brain is supplied by the branches of 2 arteries; vertebral artery and the internal carotid artery. The circle of willis is an anastomotic circle that supplies the cranial vault. The branches of vertebral artery are: - Anterior and Posterior Spinal arteries - Posterior Inferior Cellebellar artery - Meningeal artery The branches of Internal carotid artery: - Opthalmic artery - Posterior communicating artery - Anterior choroidal artery - Anterior cerebral artery The 2 vertebral arteries fuse together to form the Basilar artery The branches of Basilar artery: - Pontine arteries - Superior Cellebellar arteries - Posterior Cerebral arteries The circle of willis is made of: - Anterior Cerebral arteries - Internal Carotid arteries - Posterior Cerebral arteries - Anterior Communicating artery - Posterior Communicating artery Link:

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