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Corrie Sabel
Corrie Sabel over 1 year ago
Motorcycle injuries

Motorcycle injuries

Let’s talk about motorcycle injuries without helmets! This is my stepfather, face partially blacked out for privacy of course. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and was found unconscious in a ditch yesterday. I have been unable to talk to doctors to get scan results as my mom is there and there are covid restrictions (she definitely has no idea what the doctors are saying) my mom says “ he has a broken neck, spine, and ankle” but that is literally all the information she knows due to not having medical knowledge. Let’s talk about different cases and outcomes, I want to arm myself with so much knowledge that maybe they will listen to me next time I say wear a helmet! He is coherent, but definitely out of it. It’s driving my crazy not knowing what is really going on from a medical standpoint! I also want to spread more awareness to the lack of helmet usage. I was first on scene to a horrific motorcycle accident and the gentleman who was in the accident died while looking right at me. The amount of deaths due to motorcycles is insane. I wish more people would at least try to be safe!

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over 1 year ago

Hope so he will recovery. Fast by gods grace

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