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Brian Fletcherover 1 year ago

What are the symptoms of Internal and External hemorrhoids?

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over 1 year ago

Gastritis results from mucosal injury. When neutrophils are present, the lesion is referred to as acute gastritis. In this condition, the stomach lining undergoes damage and inflammation. The causes of gastritis include - Excessive intake of NSAIDs - Urease secreting H. pylori - Reduced mucin and bicarbonate secretion - Hypoxemia - Ingestion of harsh chemicals in a suicide attempt - Autoimmune attack - Excessive intake of drugs and alcohol - Stomach surgery - Smoking Symptoms of gastritis include - Nausea - Vomiting - Coffee-ground hematemesis - Melena - Indigestion - Feeling of fullness of stomach - Persistent stomach ache - Malaise Treatment of gastritis include - Antibiotics - PPIs - H2 receptor antagonists - Lifestyle modifications

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