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Translabyrinthine resection of small intracanalicular acoustic tumor

"Translabyrinthine resection of small intracanalicular acoustic tumor" This case is an example of a translabyrinthine resection of a small intracanalicular acoustic tumor. The patient is a 69-year-old right-handed woman with complaints of progressive incapacitating vertigo and right-sided hearing loss worsening over the past 3 years. She had normal facial nerve function with imaging demonstrating progressive increase in size of a small right-sided acoustic tumor. A translabyrinthine approach was performed, and the mass was resected completely. Facial nerve function remained normal immediately after surgery. Ioannis Karampelas MD, Cameron Wick MD, Maroun Semaan MD, Cliff A. Megerian MD, Nicholas C. Bambakidis MD UH Case Medical Center, Department of Neurological Surgery, Cleveland, Ohio

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