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Tendoover 2 years ago

The patient M, 44 years, came to clinic with complaints to weakness, dizziness, a fever, appetite loss, bleeding of gums, an ostealgia. At an objective research pallor of integuments, the ABP - 90/60 mm of mercury is noted., pulse - 98 in 1 min. Systolic noise on a top and the basis of heart. Lymph nodes, a spleen and a liver are not palpated. The bleeding time, positive bandage sign is extended, there is no retraction of a blood clot. Blood test Hemoglobin 40 g/l Erythrocytes 1,3х1012/l Color indicator 0,92 Leukocytes 1,3х109 /l Leukocytic formula Metamyelocytes 1 Stab 1 Segmented 21 Lymphocytes 76 Monocytes 1 Thrombocytes 32 ×109 /l ESR 60 mm/h In a smear: an anisocytosis, a poikilocytosis, reticulocytes - 0. 1. To what pathology of system of blood this blood test testifies?

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