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Medicalpedia11 months ago
#NSFWSensitive content 18+
This material contains content which some users might find distrubing

This male patient suffered a severe sharp avulsion of the temporo-auricular region due to a broken, 2 feet long piece of glass from a broken window! The traumatic flap contained the cheek, the right ear, part of the zygoma and the parotid gland. In the top picture you can see the complete section of the auditory canal connecting the external and the middle ear. Movement of the right side of the face was absent due to section of the temporal and frontal branches of the facial nerve, carotid artery and jugular vein were exposed by the cut but were not damaged. Microsurgical repair of the nerves was performed as well as reconstruction and replantation of the ear and connection of the auditory canal. Full recovery is expected, facial movements will take a few months to return. Case credit: @reconst.surg.col

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