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Medicalpediaover 2 years ago
Rotational avulsion of the thumb following a work accident! ⚠️
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Rotational avulsion of the thumb following a work accident! ⚠️

. Rotation avulsion of fingers is usually caused by a fast rotating machine with a roller. In most patients, it is characterized by the following: The skin is stripped with the subcutaneous tissue, which is like a flap or avulsion injury. The extensor and flexor tendons are usually pulled out. The digital veins are usually broken near the edge of the skin. The digital nerves are usually pulled out with uneven ends because they are relatively strong. The toughness of the arteries is stronger than that of the veins, but they are weaker than the nerves.

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over 2 years ago

Is that fixable?

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over 2 years ago

It's dead

over 2 years ago

No once it is detached from body then nerve supply will no more and fixation of nerves is impossible

over 2 years ago

Amputation, right?