Patient with hepatitis C-related liver cirrhosis receives a liver transplant from a deceased donor!! 
Pediatric Kidney Transplant
Kidney transplant surgery
Face transplant surgery
A donated liver about to be transplanted!
Artificial ovaries for no more menopause!!!
Toronto Lung Transplant Program Donor Lung Retrieval
Healthiest looking lungs ready to respirate the recipient!!
Transplanted heart
Bilateral Lung Transplant
Donor heart before transplant
Donor heart prior to transplantation
Face Transplant
Amazing case
A beautiful heart making its way to a new home!
Skin graft
Pancreatic islet transplantation for diabetes!
Small Bowel Transplantation in Identical Twins
Left ventricular assist device, aka the pump!
Transplanting from a living donor!
A nipple on a very unusual location.
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