Jejunal Diverticulosis
Renal papillary necrosis
The Mesentery
Enormous gallstones surgically extracted from the gallbladder!
Gallstone extracted from the bowel!
Fornier's gangrene
Operation showing a large aneurysm of the abdominal aorta
A diabetic foot with toe amputation that lead to ulceration
Desocked foot!!!
Patient with Ollier's disease right befor the operation. 
Meckels diverticulum
Blunt trauma to the abdomen and surgery !
This image shows a Whipple’s specimen for pancreatic head cancer.  
Abdominal flap for hand reconstruction!!
Prolapsing caecum/ascending colon
Strangulated Meckel's diverticulum causing intestinal obstruction
Large intestine affected by extensive Ulcerative colitis
Giant polycystic liver!
Too many pseudo-polyps to count!  
Pheochromocytoma of the adrenal gland
Enucleation (surgical removal of the eye) in a patient with retinoblastoma! 👀
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