Neurosurgery and Neurology

Brain lobectomy
Cloverleaf skull 🍀
Temporal lobe resection in patient with interactable epilepsy
Chronic subdural hematoma surgery
Skillful surgeons remove a tumor from a woman's brain.
Craniotomy for Neurocystercicosis
A gunshot wound to the head!!! 
Hypothalamus: Neuroanatomy Video Lab - Brain Dissections
Brain aneurysm
 Circle of Willis
Left decompressive craniectomy
Depressed frontal fractre of the skull
Toothy brain tumor
Coccygeal tumor!
17 kg tumor of the spine
Removal of a subdural hematoma
Photo following a surgical drainage of a brain abscess.  
A preterm neonate with an abnormal sac protruding from his skull!
Fractured and dislocated spine, fractured pelvis, and fractured hip
Traumatic brain injury
Comparison of a normal human brain MRI (right) and an MRI (left) taken from a patient with a well-known disease - Alzheimer's disease!
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