Emergency Medicine and Trauma

Fracture of the humeral shaft after falling off a tree!!!
Biventricular shotgun injury of the heart
Shotgun injury
Shark attack
Blast exposure
Chronic subdural hematoma surgery
Star-shaped cataract after an electrical shock! 
Required surgery in a young woman with compartment syndrome which later became infected with MRSA
Desocked foot!!!
Blunt trauma to the abdomen and surgery !
A severe kidney trauma with the kidney split apart after a motor vehicle accident
Sword accident
A gunshot wound to the head!!! 
Fourth degree frostbite followed by fingertip amputation! 
Table saw accident 
A horizontal skull fracture
⚠️ A complete degloving of the foot after a forklift accident! The patient was apparently ran over, causing the skin to peel right off.
Bullet lodged in the neck!!
Radius and Ulna Fracture
⚠️ A case of a gunshot wound to the face!
Salter Harris fracture
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