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DR.Anupama S B💖
DR.Anupama S B💖11 months ago


Heart auscultation may reveal murmurs which are associated with heart valve abnormalities. Heart sounds can indicate congenital heart problems, myocarditis or pericardial friction rub. Lungs auscultation is the process of listening to lung sounds, usually with a stethoscope. Physicians and nurses commonly auscultate lungs. Heart sounds, abdominal sounds and carotid bruit can also be auscultated.Lungs auscultation can reveal abnormal sounds such as wheezes, rhonchi and crackles (rales). Voiced breath sounds can also be auscultated, which can indicate areas of consolidation. Our two lung sound auscultation courses cover basic and intermediate levels. These courses cover both adventitious lung sounds and voiced sounds.

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Yes It is..

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