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What causes a cyst on your vagina?

The cause of vaginal cysts can vary depending on the type of cyst. Some common causes of vaginal cysts can include: Injury: An inclusion, Gartner’s duct, or Müllerian vaginal cyst that forms from rips or tears during childbirth or from an injury to the vaginal wall during surgery. These types of cysts occur without you knowing. You cannot prevent these cysts. Gland or duct blockage: Bartholin’s gland and sebaceous cysts happen when a duct or gland becomes blocked or clogged, causing fluid, pus, oil, or other materials to collect and form a lump. These can become painful if infected. Using good hygiene may prevent infection of these types of cysts. Infection: Bacteria from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) like gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause a vaginal cyst to become infected. It is important to practice safe sex practices like wearing a condom.

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