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Can insulinoma be cured?

Yes, most insulinomas can be cured with surgery. One study showed 88% of people who had surgery for insulinoma were alive 10 years after diagnosis. Your healthcare provider will consider factors such as your tumor’s size and location before recommending a specific surgery. Surgical options include: Enucleation: Healthcare providers do this surgery by removing your insulinoma without cutting into it, the same way you might remove the yolk from a hard-boiled egg. Partial pancreatectomy: Like the name sounds, this surgery involves removing part of your pancreas; in this case, the part where your insulinoma is located. Whipple surgery: Healthcare providers remove part of your pancreas, your gallbladder, nearby lymph nodes and part of your stomach, small intestine and bile duct. This surgery is done if your insulinoma is malignant, meaning it has spread outside of your pancreas.

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