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Special senses:
Myopia and Hypermetropia

Special senses: Myopia and Hypermetropia

Comparing the human eye with a camera, this all-inclusive video covers every aspect of Myopia and Hypermetropia.Using ray diagrams and animated visuals, it delivers the concepts effectively. Timeline: 00:00 Myopia 00:15 comparison of eye with a camera 01:11 the condition of Myopia 01:32 causes 02:11 types 02:32 Symptoms 03:04 diagnosis 03:29 treatment: 04:45 Hyperopia 06:06 key features 07:08 Misnomer 08:14 causes 08:52 types 09:44 sign and symptoms 10:43 diagnosis 11:09 Hyperopia at birth 11:38 treatment

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