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Special senses:
The Phototransduction pathway

Special senses: The Phototransduction pathway

This video presents a detailed account on the phototransduction pathway. Discussing the different layers of retina and their significance, it describes the phototransduction pathway in bright light as well as in dark or dim light. Timeline: 00:00 introduction 00:21 different layers of the retina 03:26 functions of retina 04:52 the photoreceptor layer 05:39 rods and scotopic vision 09:26 cones and photopic vision 14:30 horizontal cells 15:28 other cells of retina 18:26 the phototransduction pathway 30:50 effect of glutamate 33:25 recap of the pathway 34:51 effect of horizontal cells and amacrine cells 37:42 visual pathway in dark or dim light

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