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Special senses:
Vision and visual cortex

Special senses: Vision and visual cortex

Through his unique teaching methods, Professor Dave explains the visual processing system from start till the end. Covering multiple concepts, he specially focuses on the visual cortex, its division, and associated functions. Timeline: 00:00 introduction 01:17 vision and electromagnetic spectrum 02:52 binocular disparity 03:28 retina 04:22 Functional significance of rods and cones 07:26 the Purkinje effect 07:52 Trichromatic color theory 08:27 the opponent process theory 09:23 visual transduction 11:22 retina-geniculate-striate pathways. 12:13 parvocellular layers and magnocellular layers 12:52 visual field retinopathic organization 13:11 the visual cortex

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