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Respiratory Mechanisms at High 

Respiratory Mechanisms at High Altitudes

The mentioned video gives a detailed description on the respiratory mechanisms associated with high altitude regions. It contains all the necessary and relevant information regarding the phenomenon,thus making the topic crystal clear! Timeline: 00:07 Introduction 00:33 Atmospheric Pressure and high altitude - Overview 02:04 Affect on Partial Pressure of Alveoli 04:28 Respiratory Centres and Supply 06:33 Partial Pressures and Exchange of Gases 09:13 Chemoreceptors and Regulation of PO2 14:10 Alveolar Ventilation and High Altitude 15:36 Partial Pressure of Carbondioxide and High Altitude 17:20 Regulation of PCO2 19:05 Introduction to Respiratory Alkalosis 21:30 Compensatory Mechanism of Respiratory Alkalosis 27:00 Polycythemia 30:06 V/Q Coupling and Gaseous Exchange 32:05 Angiogenesis 35:15 Acclimatization 36:06 Persistant Hypoxemia and Cerebral Edema 40:35 Acute Mountain Sickness and Pulmonary Edema

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