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The mechanics of Breathing - 
Inspiration and Expiration

The mechanics of Breathing - Inspiration and Expiration

The mentioned video gives a thorough explanation on the lung mechanics involved during the processes of Inspiration and Expiration. It adopts a really insightful method of presenting the topic, which not makes it undoubtedly clear but also rather interesting to learn. Timeline: 00:08 Muscles of Respiration - Inspiration and Expiration 01:52 Forces acting on the Respiratory System 03:00 Respiratory Cycle - Forces and Pressures 05:05 Inspiration - Lung Mechanics Detailed 10:42 Restrictive Lung Disease and Inspiration 11:52 Expiration - Lung Mechanics Detailed 15:10 Obstructive Lung Disease and Expiration 15:46 Pulmonary Events during the breath

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