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Pain Physiology:
Spinothalamic Tract

Pain Physiology: Spinothalamic Tract

Delivering many important concepts like fast and slow pain, this detailed video provides a deeper insight of Spinothalamic pathway. Using conventional white board methods this video is one of its kind. Timeline: 00:06 Introduction 01:06 overview anterior lateral system 03:40 receptors of pain 05:18 fast pain and its stimulation 08:19 slow pain and its stimulation 10:36 crude touch and pressure receptions 12:25 types of nerve fibres 14:15 cross section of spinal cord 19:04 importance of ascending and descending system 21:10 detail of Spinothalamic pathway 34:31 tracts of anterolateral system 39:13 periaqueductal gray matter 40:14 spinohypothalamic fibers 41:26 the reticular formation 43:53 ipsilateral C-fibres

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