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Liver death

Liver death

The liver is the most functional organ of our body, it performs numerous functions both biochemical and not, such as for example the synthesis of triglycerides or detoxification. It also has an incredible regenerative capacity which, if abused (liver disease or more frequently alcoholism) can lead to the onset of a condition called liver fibrosis. This condition arises when the liver is damaged and large quantities of hepatocytes die; the liver at this point tries to repair the damage by generating new hepatocytes, the oxidative stress produced however activates the KUPFFER CELLS (specialized macrophages) which begin to produce inflammatory cytokines which induce the inflammatory state. These cytokines stimulate the ITO CELLS which at this point differentiate into myofibroblasts, i.e. cells capable of producing large quantities of fibrous material which will repair the liver damage. The mechanism is very similar to what happens on our skin when we get a wound, it should be noted however that the tissue that will repair the wound and that forms the scar is generally much less elastic than the surrounding skin, this because it is of FIBROUS material. Now bringing this reasoning back to the liver, one can well understand how all this can compromise the functioning of the latter. In an advanced state of fibrosis, which takes the name of CIRRHOSIS, the hepatic lobules and above all the sinusoids will be seriously compromised due to the presence of non-elastic material which will limit or in very serious cases block the passage of blood to the liver However, the blood will try to find another way to reach the heart by bypassing the liver and passing through veins of smaller caliber causing VARICES (the most dangerous are the oesophageal ones). This blood that comes from the digestive system also contains toxic substances including some of a nitrogenous nature (ammonium) which, not being detoxified by the liver, enter the circulation and reach the brain causing the characteristic encephalopathies of an advanced state of cirrhosis. Please if I made some mistake or you want to add something let me know in the comments thanks :) I took the pattern in the picture from Dr. ARMANDO HASUDUNGAN's fb page :)

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