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Iqra3 months ago
Treatment of pancreatic cancer

Treatment of pancreatic cancer

Cancer of the pancreas is difficult to treat. It rarely causes any symptoms in the early stages, so it's often not detected until the cancer is fairly advanced. If the tumour is large, treating the cancer will be more difficult. If you've been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your treatment will depend on the type and location of your cancer, and how far it's advanced. Your age, general health and personal preferences will also be taken into consideration. The first aim will be to completely remove the tumour and any other cancerous cells. If this isn't possible, treatment will focus on preventing the tumour growing and causing further harm to your body. The 3 main treatments for pancreatic cancer are: surgery chemotherapy radiotherapy Some types of pancreatic cancer only require one form of treatment, whereas others may require 2 types of treatment or a combination of all 3.

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