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Jiecris Bentulanabout 1 month ago

Im not a nursing student but i wanna be soon . im on the Junior highschool level right now im a grade 9 student and wanted to be a nurse someday can you please give me your suggestions what to study? Tia πŸ’• btw sorry for wrong grammars please correct me if im wrong hehe

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about 1 month ago

You can be

about 1 month ago


about 1 month ago

Chemistry, biology, and math.

28 days ago

I second this. I have a high schooler my self going into the nursing field. Her school offers pathways. Chemistry,biology, math are all wonderful. Ask your school if they offer career pathways. Search into what nursing pathway you want to go into it. Look in to your schooling options for nursing. Make a plan. If your school offers medical terminology, physiology a and b, if so that them. My daughters high school does so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

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