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Iqra3 months ago
Cause of ingrown toenail

Cause of ingrown toenail

A number of things can cause an ingrown toenail to develop, including: badly cut toenails – cutting your toenails too short, or cutting the edges, will encourage the skin to fold over your nail and the nail to grow into the skin wearing tight-fitting shoes, socks or tights – this places pressure on the skin around your toenail; the skin may be pierced if it's pressed on to your toenail sweaty feet – if the skin around your toenails is soft, it's easier for your nail to pierce it and embed itself within it injury – for example, stubbing your toe can sometimes cause an ingrown toenail to develop natural shape of the nail – the sides of curved or fan-shaped toenails are more likely to press into the skin surrounding the nail A fungal nail infection can cause your toenail to thicken or widen.

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