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Iqra3 months ago
How to treat hypoglycemia?

How to treat hypoglycemia?

The immediate treatment for hypoglycaemia is to have some food or drink that contains sugar, such as dextrose tablets or fruit juice, to correct your blood glucose levels. After having something sugary, you may need to have a longer-acting "starchy" carbohydrate food, such as a sandwich or a few biscuits. If hypoglycaemia causes a loss of consciousness, an injection of the hormone glucagon can be given to raise blood glucose levels and restore consciousness. This is only if an injection is available and the person giving the injection knows how to use it. You should dial 999 to request an ambulance if: a glucagon injection kit isn't available there's nobody trained to give the injection the injection is ineffective after 10 minutes Never try to put food or drink into the mouth of someone who's drowsy or unconscious as they could choke. This includes some of the high-sugar preparations specifically designed for smearing inside the cheek.

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