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Widad Bounab
Widad Bounab3 months ago
A motivational candy

A motivational candy

A Motivational candy One of the best and coolest ideas that I worked on . The idea was to present a paper with motivational phrases written for future doctors, as well as to reduce the pressure and stress experienced by the medical student . The amount of gratitude and appreciation I received that day was incredible. I felt so happy and proud to motivate my colleagues, it was a little gesture that I didn’t think will make a huge fuss but its results was more than I expected , the idea was 100 % worth it . I would thank everyone who prayed for me and expressed their praising. It was my pleasure to bring joy and a dose of motivation into their hearts ❤️. 16 / 11 / 2021 - Faculté of medicine Ziania - algiers.

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