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Mollypedsssssabout 4 years ago

A 75 yo female is in a constant state of confusion has mood swings aggression as well as incontinence and has no idea any of this is happening how should i bring up the conversation and any ideas on diagnosis i am kinda in the water here thanks

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about 4 years ago

You could possibly ask about any current stressors right now and if she has noticed any mood changes? Ask how she is and if shes noticed any mood changes and if there has been stress as of late? in like you start the conversation kinda way. But I'm not sure if its some kind of dissociative disorder with mood instability or something.. I mean I'm just giving an idea I'm not a healthcare or psych professional. But here's this too maybe you could contact this place and see if they can email you back with some way to bring it up:

about 4 years ago

Incontinence, age, and mood swings with aggression leads me to think of bad case of UTI. See if she will agree to the doctor appointment. At advance age with presence of infection fever or other usual symptoms of infevtion may not be present

about 4 years ago

Thank you really

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