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jo23 days ago

Hi, 19yo female patient (me) with newly found allergies (october) that can’t be diagnosed (bc not enough IgE in my blood). Food allergies: *cucurbits*, tomato, *nuts*, kiwi, pepper. (* = swelling + trouble breathing, angioedema) Skin test: everything negative except 1 plant family. I get sick every single month and i have “too many Lymphocytes Tk”. I also got a thyroid echo (there is a small nodule). I have small red dots inside the palm of my hand (small vessels popping). My whole body is itching sometimes and I have joint pain and I have swelled lymph nodes sometimes. My question is: what are the chances of me having lymphoma? (I get an other check up with my immunologist in 2 months + an other echo)

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9 days ago

Hey, this sounds very similar to my allergy, the Latex Fruit Syndrome. I’ve reacted to bananas, avocados, melon, and tomatoes also, but there are more on the list of things that one could develop the allergy to as well. I never had issues with severe allergies growing up, but began developing them one by one around age 12. Each time I had a reaction to something, it was increasingly worse, and eventually reached anaphylaxis. Hopefully this can help be a lead, it’s certainly an easy miss.

8 days ago

Hi thank you very much 🥺, my allergies started in october and i keep running tests :/, I’ll ask my doctor if we can rule this out. Thanks again :))

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