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Katarinaabout 4 years ago

Why neurology is to complicate for study,and how study faster?

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about 4 years ago

Neurology is the top science in medicine , opposite to other section you must understand the basic very very well , while other sections it's okay sometimes to forget somethings about the basic as long as you know about the mechanism of the disease and how you deal with it. To study neurology you must to understand better than saving information. You have to see and imagine the tracts and pathways, you can check the Internet to see some videos that can help . To study neurology you have to match the information , don't keep them separated try to make a link between them because they are really linked. That's my way of studying neurology and it was helpful to me , if still have a question about it , I would like to give you a help. Wish you all the best

about 4 years ago

Thanks,so much

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about 4 years ago

Can’t even understand what you are saying

about 4 years ago

I don't know speek english very good😐