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Sheeza Basharat
Sheeza Basharat9 months ago
Severe Hand Trauma!

Severe Hand Trauma!

This injury was caused by an agricultural machine, severing the hand in multiple locations. The patient underwent reconstructive surgery lasting approximately 10 hours in an attempt to save as much tissue as possible. Mangling hand injuries are high energy complex conditions that are challenging to manage. They require careful planning and meticulous execution of treatment. A clear set of anatomical and functional goals at the outset guides the planning. The first surgery is crucial to ensure good vascularity to the salvaged tissue, prevent infection and achieve bony stabilization. Re-look surgery and definitive reconstruction can then follow. Post-operative therapy is an important component of treatment. Despite best efforts, outcomes are variable in these devastating injuries. By:

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9 months ago

How much can you expect to save? That's very extensive

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