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Sanjana7 months ago

Hi, I'm a second year MBBS student and I'm looking for research opportunities in medicine (I prefer the fields of Technology with medicine, Psychiatry and Neurology, but I'm open to learning in other fields too) please let me know if I can help!

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7 months ago

Visit icmr website for sts programme I've applied to it in my first year

7 months ago

You can also check your university website.. mine will start student research programs by December. I'm afraid it's not possible to do a clinical research in these covid times

7 months ago

Hi, thanks for replying! I have actually tried this but for to covid, the opening for the research projects are delayed. Moreover, I was hoping to start on a topic that is more clinical instead of a literature review sort, and I don't have mentors in my college for that :(

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