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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatima26 days ago
Etiology of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Mnemonic

Etiology of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Mnemonic

Abnormal uterine bleeding refers to discharge of blood through vagina outside the normal menstrual cycle. Abnormal uterine bleeding is an umbrella term for postcoital bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, menorrhagia etc. The etiology of abnormal uterine bleeding can be divided into structural and non-structural causes: Mnemonic for Structural Causes: PALM P = Polyps A = Adenomyosis L = Leiomyoma [fibroids] M = Malignancy Mnemonic for non-structural etiology: COIEN C = Coagulopathy O = Ovulatory causes E = Endometrial Cancer I = Iatrogenic N = Not yet classified Reference: Gynaecology by Ten Teachers Image via:

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