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8 months ago

Pre-eclampsia is a condition occurring during pregnancy when blood pressure is uncontrolled. Pre-eclampsia includes high blood pressure with proteinuria. It is common after 34th week of gestation. When pre-eclampsia is not managed properly it can develop into eclampsia which is a condition in which hypertension, proteinuria is accompanied by seizures. Risk factors include: very young or above forty aged mothers, previous history of eclampsia, obesity, patient of hypertension previously, family history of pre-eclampsia, multiple pregnancies, diseases like lupus ,sickle cell disease. Exact cause of the issue is still unknown. Sign and symptoms consist of high blood pressure, peripheral edema and weight gain within 1-2 days. Diagnosis is made on the bases of urinalysis, BP reading above 140/90. The condition cannot be treated except that life style changes are made and it is tried that delivery time can be reduced. Drugs like hydralazine may be used.

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