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Maryum Mehboob
Maryum Mehboob11 months ago
Post-COVID syndrome: Heart and lungs

Post-COVID syndrome: Heart and lungs

Now that we’re into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re beginning to have an understanding of the lasting long-term effects the disease has. Prolonged symptoms have colloquially been called long COVID, and those who are experiencing these symptoms are colloquially called long haulers. Long COVID may also be referred to as long-term COVID, chronic COVID, or post COVID syndrome, as no official term has been established yet.

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8 months ago

My daughter, who also has MS, is dealing with the long haul. She had covid in March of 21. Her MS was under control, now it is full blown on top of the long haul with her lungs and heart. Doctors have given her NO relief, no answers, nothing! It is pretty disheartening.

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