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Saanvi Phanse11 months ago

Which clinical history findings are characteristic of nonparalytic polio caused by enteroviruses?

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11 months ago

Signs and Symptoms of Polio Enterovirus Infection Nonparalytic polio • Headache • Sore throat • Fever • Malaise • Fatigue • Vomiting • Neck pain and stiffness • Back pain and stiffness • Pain and stiffness in limbs • Muscle weakness and tenderness These symptoms persist for 10 days. However, they may persist for a week and then accompanied by more symptoms indicating paralytic syndrome. Paralytic syndrome • Severe muscle ache and weakness • Flaccid paralysis • Loss of reflexes Post polio syndrome The infection may resolve but some signs and symptoms may appear few years later indicating post polio syndrome. The symptoms include • Fatigue • Muscle atrophy • Dysphagia • Breathing problems • Sleep apnea • Decreased cold tolerance • Muscle and joint pain and weakness

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