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Maryum Mehboob
Maryum Mehboobabout 1 year ago


Heterochromia is a condition defined by the presence of different colors in the iris of the eye. There are following types of Heterochromia: Complete heterochromia: When both the iris are of different colors. Partial heterochromia: Only a part of iris is different than the rest. Central heterochromia: When the central portion or ring of the eye is of different color than the rest. It can be due to congenital reason or acquired causes. Congenital causes includes: * Piebaldism * Hirschsprung disease * Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome * Von Recklinghausen disease * Bourneville disease * Waardenburg syndrome * Sturge-Weber syndrome * Parry-Romberg syndrome * Horner’s syndrome Acquired causes includes: * Glaucoma * Medications * Injury to eye * Eye cancer * Neuroblastoma Picture credit:

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about 1 year ago

It can also be hereditary. My father has it and I do too (central heterochromia)

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