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Mansha Mir
Mansha Mirover 4 years ago
Be strong baby!

Be strong baby!

Meet the little princess "Athena Grace"! She ix premature,but still she ix one of the most gorgeous baby girl... She was born at 23 weeks n 6 days gestation..she weighed 1lb 5oz and was 12inchs long..,she was also 1 out of 4 babies...they lost the other 3.. So far, she had a bilateral grade 4 brain bleed that has resolved.she's also had a bowel perforation and that has also resolved.currently she is 21bs 5oz n 14inchs long,grows to b stronger n healthier everyday

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over 4 years ago

She'S. Doing so well...hang in there little oneπŸ’šπŸ‘Ά

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