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Haneea Yasir
Haneea Yasirabout 1 year ago


Anencephaly is a neural tube defect in which the brain, skull and scalp fail to develop. This happens because the neural tube fails to close in the cranial region between 23rd to 26th day after conception. Anencephaly is a lethal defect and is diagnosed prenatally. Such pregnancies are usually terminated. Neural tube defects occur due environmental factors, genes and nutrition - folic acid deficiency: it is recommended that pregnant mothers take 400 micrograms of B9 daily - diabetes: uncontrolled diabetes increased risk of NTDs, cause high glucose levels in blood which harms the development of the baby. - obesity - medications - opioid use Diagnosis: - ultrasound - Alpha feto protein test: AFP levels increase - amniocentesis: high levels of AFP and acetylcholinesterase - MRI

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