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Hiba Iqbal
Hiba Iqbalover 1 year ago
Para umbilical hernia examination

Para umbilical hernia examination

How to examine a patient with para umblical hernia? In any examination the foremost step is introducing yourself properly. Taking consent before every procedure is key point in keeping the patient stable. After that for para umbilical hernia examination, expose the patient form nipple to mid thigh while keeping private parts properly covered. Patient must be lying in the supine position. Start inspecting the patient form the foot end to see any marks on skin like stretch marks or surgery marks. Cough impulse and Carnet's signs are performed for hernia. Ask the patient to cough for any bulge present. Carnet's sign is done by asking patient to lift his upper body without support to look for bulging, if present then it is hernia. Next step is palpation. Doing so if you notice any swelling, notice all features like if it is reducible, size, moveable or fixed and shape of the mass. Percussion is done in same manner as abdominal percussion. If a swelling is present, auscultate the swelling, if gut sounds are present then it includes intestines. After doing each step properly never forget to cover the patient and thank him/her for her cooperation. What are some prerequisites for any examination on a patient? -Always check the vital status of the patient if his/her health is stable or not. -Always check for proper room for examination because patient will be exposed. -Proper lightening and curtains for privacy. -Taking recorded consent as mentioned above.

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