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Hiba Iqbal
Hiba Iqbalover 1 year ago
Fifth disease

Fifth disease

Erythema infectiosum or fifth disease is a mild skin rash caused by Parvovirus B19 (incubation period= 14-21 days). Virus spreads through patients' saliva, sputum or nasal discharge. Clinically prodromal symptoms are fever and coryza but after 14 days of infection classic rash appears called "Slapped Cheek syndrome". These are intensely red rash on face and cheek as shown above, followed by lacy reticular rash over trunk and extremities sparring palm and soles. This disease is more common in children than adults. In case a pregnant lady gets infected there is high chance of vertical transmission especially if she is immune compromised. Diagnosis is made on clinical basis and proper history of exposure. The blood test may be helpful for pregnant woman who have been exposed and suspected to have the disease. There is no vaccine or particular medications for Parvovirus B19 so treatment is majorly supportive, but it can be prevented by proper washing of hands, covering your mouth during coryzal symptoms and following basic hygiene rules. Does anyone know why it is called Fifth disease? Answer in the comments section.

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