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Hamidiover 1 year ago

Are "Blue Light Glasses" helpful or is it just the hype?

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over 1 year ago

Blue Light glasses were introduced into the market for people who constantly work in front of digital screens for long hours. Today, eye strain is a common complaint among digital screen users. To prevent or minimize the occurrence of eye strain Blue Light glasses are used. They are known to block the blue rays emitted from the digital screens which are the culprit for eye strain and other eye problems. However, experts don’t agree with this idea. According to them, blue light does not cause the eye strain. It is the persistent concentration, no blinking and steady focus on the screen which does not let the muscles of eye relax. They are in the state of contraction for long. When the user looks away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes in the direction of 20 feet, their eyes relax and they feel better. Blue light glasses are not worth the hype.

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