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Khizra Feroz
Khizra Ferozover 1 year ago


It is a scoring system to assess a newborns health one minute and at five minute after they're born. Medical professionals use this assessment to quickly relay the status of a newborn’s overall condition. Low Apgar scores may indicate the baby needs special care, such as extra help with their breathing. How does it work? The Apgar scoring system is divided into five categories. Each category receives a score of 0 to 2 points. At most, a child will receive an overall score of 10. A: Activity/muscle tone P: Pulse G: Grimace A: Apperance R: Respiration If the score is very low after five minutes, the medical staff may reassess the score after 10 minutes. Doctors expect that some babies may have lower Apgar scores. These include: -Premature babies -Babies born via cesarean delivery -Babies who had complicated deliveries A score of 7-10 is normal. Between 4-6 is considered concerning and 0-3 is abnormal and requires intervention.

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