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buonomoover 1 year ago

What can stool shape and size tell?

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over 1 year ago

Your stool shape indicates a lot about your diet and health condition. There are 7 shapes of stool. Each shape indicates a condition. Type 1: Separate hard lumps indicates severe constipation Type 2: Lumpy, sausage-like indicates mild constipation Type 3: Sausage-like shape with cracks and fissures is normal Type 4: Smooth, soft sausage or snake-like is normal Type 5: Soft blobs or lumps with clear cut cracked glass-like edges indicates lack of fiber Type 6: Mushy texture with ragged edges indicates mild diarrhea Type 7: Liquid with no solid lumps and edge-less indicates severe diarrhea

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over 1 year ago

Perhaps for how long the stool has been sitting in the colon (i.e. constipation)?