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Ryunieover 1 year ago

Hello. I hit the back of my head when I was around 7-8 yrs. old with the swing, I remembered that the impact is quiet great because I tripped when I tried to stand up because I was so dizzy but other than that, all is good. Im just wondering if it is connected to the thing that happened to me when I was in grade 7, I felt like my mind is floating and it’s not me who’s controlling my movements. Everything also feels like in slow motion that day. Though it never happen again.

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over 1 year ago

So you had an “episode” of floating and almost out of body feelings? Is it possible you were having a dissociative episode? We know about fight or flight but freeze is also an option and during this freeze state your brain realizes you are becoming overwhelmed and creates a detached sensation between brain and body? Can you remember any unusual stessors that day? Im of the mindset “improbable, never impossible.” I find it improbable a head injury at 7 has only presented itself 1 time in your life at random but not completely impossible.

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