Banana 98
Banana 98
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So I failed my Internal exam, just because of 1 question that is illogical and has multiple answers to it. It happened yesterday, when I entered the cardiology examination room (oral exam), the doctor gave me 3 cases and 1 ECG paper, and I must find the right diagnosis and treatment/management. So after I finished reading the doctor told to leave the cases aside to she asked me this: "Imagine that I have dilated cardiomyopathy, I take my aspirin and beta blockers, what is the first question you must ask me?" And I was like confused, so I told her: "Family history, exacerbating/triggers that worsens your symptoms, and if you're following the treatment protocol like taking your medication periodically, etc." She said "You are totally wrong and thank you you can leave!" and she gave a total 0 out of 16! Wtf? What is the first question to ask a patient that has dilated cardiomyopathy and he's already on his medications and treatment protocol? Can someone please explain or guide me what should I have said? Because my retake is coming soon. Maybe she meant to ask the 7 attributes of symptoms?.

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