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Arteries of the arms Axillary. This is the name given to the subclavian artery as it exits the torso and enters the arm. Brachial. This delivers blood to the upper region of the arm. Radial and ulnar. These run alongside the two bones of the forearm where they eventually divide to deliver blood to the wrist and hand. Arteries of the legs Femoral. Derived from the external iliac artery, this artery supplies blood to the thigh and divides into the various smaller arteries that supply the legs. Genicular. This supplies blood to the knee region. Popliteal. This is the name given to the femoral artery as it passes below the knee. Anterior and posterior tibial. Derived from the popliteal artery, these arteries supply blood to the lower portion of the leg. When they reach the ankle, they divide further to supply the ankle and foot region.

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