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Medicalpediaover 1 year ago
Rare case of mucormycosis- a fungal infection, affecting the right side of the patient's face!

Rare case of mucormycosis- a fungal infection, affecting the right side of the patient's face!

Mucormycosis is a rare (0.43 to 1.7 cases per million per year) invasive fungal infection caused by various opportunistic fungi of the Mucoraceae family. Considered 100% fatal in 1960, previous the introduction of amphotericine, today the mortality ranges from 30-90% of all cases. A prompt diagnosis is the most critical aspect for an improved patient outcome. As swabs of tissue or discharge are generally unreliable, the diagnosis of mucormycosis tends to be established with a biopsy specimen of the involved tissue. Along with antifungal therapy, radical surgical debridement must be done expeditiously to eradicate this fungus.

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Did the patient survive?

Interestingly, this was my patient in 2012. She had maxillary swelling and foul breath. She had a CT that showed sinusitis. We performed a caldwell-Luc procedure and she improved. Interestingly, the wall of her maxillary sinus was already destroyed. She returned to the hospital 2 days later with dramatic facial and periorbital swelling. She also has an area of necrosis on the nose. I think this poor girl had rhinocerebral mucormycosis. This is a terrible disease with a 50% mortality .Pathology just showed inflammation. The patient expired. Today I read the following in Medscape "Earlier this year, hospitals in India were not only dealing with the coronavirus pandemic but also a surge in a potentially lethal fungal infection in patients previously treated for COVID-19. Mucormycosis, also known as black fungus, is typically a rare infection, but India had recorded over 45,000 cases as of July 2021.

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