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Fiza Shan
Fiza Shan11 months ago
Conjoined twins- Chang and Eng Bunker

Conjoined twins- Chang and Eng Bunker

Conjoined or Siamese twins are identical twins which result from incomplete separation of the embryonic disc. These twins can be joined at chest (thoracopagus), cranium (craniopagus), dorsal surface (pygopagus- fused at saccrococcygeal and perineal region). The survival and separation rate of conjoined twins is usually low however, many conjoined twins have been reported to survive including Chang and Eng Bunker, the most famous, Siamese- American conjoined twin brothers who were joined at the abdomen. They traveled on exhibitions and fathered 21 children with their 2 wives with Chang having 10 and Eng having 11 children. The photo shows Chang and Eng Bunker twins with their wives and children. Image via:

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