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Abeer Fatima
Abeer Fatimaover 1 year ago
Dog Bite Avulsion Injury Management in Pediatric Age Group

Dog Bite Avulsion Injury Management in Pediatric Age Group

Children are exceptionally vulnerable to dog bites due to their size. The dog bites may result in injuries ranging from simple laceration to complete avulsion, especially in head and neck region. Simple lacerations are typically managed primarily by wound debridement and bandages. Avulsion injuries often require reconstruction. Reconstruction of avulsion injuries secondary to dog bite are frequently associated with number of complications such as failure of the graft and excessive scar tissue formation. Use of porcine urinary bladder matrix has proved to be an effective reconstructive option in case of head and neck dog bite avulsion injuries. The application of porcine urinary bladder matrix does not require sophisticated microvascular skills and it shows sufficient aesthetic results with minimum to no scar tissue formation. Adjuvant pulse dye laser (PDL) may be required to combat intemperate hyperemia of scars, if it appears, in limited number of cases due to its infrequent occurrence. Source Outcomes of Dog Bite Avulsion Injury Reconstruction With Urinary Bladder Matrix Image via

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